Selamat Datang Ke Dunia atyn ezaty..Hope korang enjoy la eh..??

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

 if the sun comes gushing hot, let me be your umbrella,
if the noise comes sweeping, let me be your protector,
if the flood comes pouring, let me be your boat,
if the moneylender came to ask debts, let me first run
Women tu instead of paper towels to you, tasty dah lap hingus then discard -.-
Women tu instead CLOTHES for you, every week a new exchange son -, -
Women STATUE tu not for you, dah je couple make stupid -.-
Women tu rather than club prostitutes to you, happy to play dah blah -, -
Women tu CIGARETTES not for you, dah suck then discharged foot -.-
Women tu instead of the TV for you, just for you hiburkan